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The Low Down On Dirty Dating Exposed

“Dirty dating” – what does this mean to you?

For some, dirty dating is something that shouldn’t be spoken of. Two people meeting up for sex, and sex alone, is just something that so many people cannot comprehend. Maybe it’s time for these people to start opening their minds? Dirty dating offers so much more than a cheeky bonk in a restaurant toilet, although we wouldn’t turn it down if it were put on a plate for us! 😉 I found this on a trip to South Africa….women (and men) say what they want and want what they say. No B.S. So a casual date or nsa sex is just what it is. Don’t you just love it when people are so honest?

There are a million and one scenarios that would lead to someone looking for a certain type of dating site. A dating site created for those looking for a bit of fun, a nice person to have a good evening with; perhaps not in a dating scenario, but definitely in a pants-own scenario. Dirty dating, NSA dating, no strings attached…. Is it really all that bad?

Let’s say you are a 30-something year old guy that has never been married or had kids because you were one hundred percent dedicated to your career. You don’t have time to be in a relationship with another person. It wouldn’t be fair on them OR you. You can’t give them the time they need because you work 75 hours per week and not ready to slow down at any point soon.

You need the touch of a woman’s fingers working her way down your groin, right? You want to feel the weight of a woman when she is straddling you, bouncing her way to making you climax. You want to experience knee-trembling kisses, and naughty nights in hotel rooms. Why should you give up on this just because you don’t have the time for a relationship? You could always go for prostitutes but honestly, who has time for that? And it’s hardly a nice thought is it? And the really classy ones are super expensive. Who has the money for a hobby like that?

What about the 20-something year old girls out there that are studying during the days, and working most nights and weekends too? Kelly, for example, wants to be a nurse. In order to survive in her two bedroom flat alongside her studies, she needs to work so she has a part time job in a call centre for a bank. She’s a very busy girl, especially when you consider she only has two nights per week spare to spend with friends and family. She works hard but she loves her life. She doesn’t have time for a full-time man in her life but she has needs, and there’s only so far a battery operated device will go.

What’s wrong with her meeting a nice young guy on a dirty dating website, letting him take her out for dinner, and then heading back to his for a night of hair-pulling, back-scratching, sweaty, passionate sex? He’s using a condom so she won’t catch a disease or get pregnant, and occasionally, she’ll call him up from time to time to repeat the evening. Who is she hurting? If you are in the UK, check out a no holds barred casual sex dates web site that I found called lookingforsex.co.uk. Great name huh? No need to use your imagination there then!

These two examples are the tip of the iceberg. Dirty dating sites attract a whole host of men and women, from married men whose wives won’t have sex with them, to girls looking for a way to boost their confidence after a particularly nasty breakup. Consenting adults lead their own lives and as you can imagine, all sorts of things could happen when the lights go out at the end of the date!

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but dirty dating certainly serves a purpose. If it didn’t, it would exist, would it? Yes there are some really dirty people out there that spread diseases and have no respect for the partner they are with, but if you choose a good dating website and are smart about your dirty dating choices, and above all else, ALWAYS WEAR A CONDOM, what’s it gotta do with anyone else?