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Is Marriage Finished- The Rise Of No Strings Dating And Affair Dating

One in three marriages end in divorce these days. It’s a sad fact but a true one. Is it time to face facts, is marriage finished? Is it an outdated notion; one that is no longer relished by little girls dreaming of happy ever after’s and white dresses?

It seems as if people are giving up on the idea of marriage these days and, when you think about it, it makes sense for this to be the case. You need to put time and effort into a relationship and into a marriage, and if you don’t, it will crumble. Who has the time and effort to put into a marriage when they can barely manage to look after themselves each month? What 25-year old guy would want to be settled down with a kid these days when there is so much of the world left to travel, so many girls to meet, drinks to down, parties to gate-crash. On the other end of the spectrum, are girls really just looking for Mr. Right, bouncing from guy to guy in the hope that the perfect one will come along real soon?

We’d like to use a couple of our friends as an example here. Kim is 27 years old and going through a divorce (finally) after 4 years of marriage and a further 4 years of separation. They started off as a one night stand, which probably should have been a warning light right from the word go, but still they continued on their whirlwind romance. They were married within a year. As in love as they were, they both say that marriage destroyed their relationship. They were perfectly happy before they got married but as soon as that ring was on her finger, she was an utter nightmare, and he started screwing around. She had two affairs, looking for the love she wasn’t getting from her husband. He slept with everything under the sun because he didn’t find her sexually attractive anymore. Apparently, she had gotten fat.

Another couple, Kate and Dan, aren’t together at all. They started casually sleeping together three years ago. They have never once said they were a couple, but hither of them now sleep with anyone else. They have an “open” relationship which means at first they were sleeping with other people, but after about eight months or so, they sorta stopped and only screwed each other. They are perfectly happy. They rarely fight. They have their own lives. They don’t put a label on their relationship. They are friends with benefits.

No strings attached relationships seem to be all the rage now, whether you are in a relationship, married or single. It seems that this works better than the traditional type of relationship and when you think about, it makes sense because we no longer live in a transitional kinda world. We have busy working schedules, some of us juggling two or three jobs, or even seventy hour weeks. We have places around the world to travel and lives to enjoy. We work hard and we play hard… It seems only right that we wouldn’t want to settle down, and if we did, we want to explore outside the box in the sense of no strings dating, or affair dating.

It’s funny how the unconventional relationships seem to have a better time of things that those relationships that follow the traditional route. Could it be that marriage really was finished, with NSA fun and affair dating becoming all the rage? Who knows… As we’ve said though; one in three marriages end in divorce.