What You Need To Know About NSA Dating

NSA dating = no strings attached dating. That’s literally what the name means, which should give the game away a little bit. No strings attached means no romance, no bullcrap, no fluff, no flowers or chocolates, hearts or kisses… It might seem a bit cold and calculated but for some people, it’s most definitely the way forward.

I don’t have time for a relationship!

There are so many men and women out there that simply don’t have the time to fit in a full-time relationship. Does this mean they should miss out on king nights in with multiple orgasms and chocolate body paint? Is it fair that they miss out on Saturday morning hungover sex after the night before. You don’t remember having sex the night before (yet) but you know it was good because your lips are still plumped and reddened, and you feel a slight ache between your legs. How is fair that someone should miss out on all this just because they are working seventy hours per week to become a lawyer?

My wife doesn’t understand me!

Oh come on – we’ve all heard that line. Some of you may even have used that line. It’s one that, although is a cliche, certainly does still work, and although frowned upon, is a classic example of NSA dating.

You definitely don’t want any strings attached when you are married looking for sex elsewhere. Maybe your wife hasn’t wanted to have sex since your last child was born… almost a year ago. Is she sick? Sad? Has she let herself go a bit? Are you lusting after some pretty little blonde thing like the girl you just hired to work in your office as your assistant? You don’t love your wife any less; you just need to get your rocks off somewhere. You certainly aren’t looking for someone to fall in love with. Just someone to screw from time to time when the mood takes you and you just so happen to be available at the same time.

I NEVER normally do this…

OK so this one is a line, but just like “my wife doesn’t understand me”, it’s another line that appears to work sadly. Girls, boys;when will you realise that THIS IS A LINE?

If you are finding yourself saying this, stop it. If you are stood in front of a handsome young man while your slightly balding husband is sat picking his nose on the couch, unzipping your skirt, stepping out of it, unclasping your bra… He already knows what kind of woman you are. You already know what kind of man he is. What’s the point in fluffing this up? You’re both looking for NSA dating fun… Why hide it?

There is nothing wrong with no strings attached dating, although it does have a certain stigma attached to it, and in most social circles, cheating on a partner or spouse is often not a great idea. Thankfully, you can find websites that will help you to find similar minded people online, and most dating websites will even have an “I am looking for..” box in which you can pick your preference. Most of the time you will find a “casual dating” or “NSA fun” box that you can check. Make sure that you check it!