The Idiot’s Guide To Foot Fetish Dating

Foot fetish is one of the most common sexual fetishes out there, which makes it a tad odd that more people aren’t talking about it. To be fair, most of us are only just coming to terms with anal sex, so speaking about ejaculating over a pretty blonde’s feet isn’t hardly going to go down well in conversation… especially when so many people think that feet are weird, or ugly, or gross.

What happens however, when you come across someone that DOES have a foot fetish? Let’s say that you are a twenty-something girl that has met probably the hottest guy you’ve ever met. You’ve been on three absolutely amazing dates, you’ve clicked on a level you never thought possible, and last night, when you took him to bed, he made you climax harder than you’d ever climaxed before. He almost seems like the perfect guy. Could it be that he was too good to be true?foot-fetish-dating

This morning, things took a change in direction. “I had a great night last night, thank you”, you say. “No worries babe, I had a great time too!”, he replies. Then, out of the blue, he comes out with “I think you have beautiful feet, you know. I quite like feet, especially your feet.” If this kind of situation excites you, then why bother going through the hassle of finding out if your beloved shares your passion for feet and check out foot fetish dating web sites – where everyone shares a passion for feet!

Just over the breakfast table, out of nowhere, on the morning after your third date with the most perfect man on the planet, he basically tells you he has a foot fetish. Now what do you do?

First things first; don’t panic.

These things happen. In this day and age, it is likely that you’ve probably come across your fair share of dating disasters in your time. Come on, we’ve all had the guy that sounded like Daffy Duck when they climaxed – “Oh my God!”. He shook his leg too. It was just weird. Or there was the guy that liked you to call him weird names while you were in the bedroom. Or the guy that liked it she you shoved a dildo up his ass, whilst tugging on his balls. People are becoming more sexually open these days. Porn online has lead to an increase of “weird” stuff, and sadly, it’s something you’re going to need to embrace.

Second – open your mind.

What’s so wrong about a foot fetish? Have you ever tried “feet-play”? If you haven’t how do you know you won’t like it? Rather than vetoing the idea straight away, do a bit of research. Even celebrities have foot fetishes. We all like different things in the bedroom. You like it when guys pull your hair, after all. Other girls would think that was weird.

Rather than saying no, have a look online. Watch some feet-related porn. Whilst doing this, be aware that even people with foot fetishes will think some of that porn is weird. Try the note “vanilla” foot-fetish stuff first.

Thirdly; why don’t you give it a go?

Come on, think about this; this guy is PERFECT for you. You are compatible in every other aspect of life so why not try to come to some sort of compromise with him over his sexual preferences? Have a chat with him about it and explain to him that it is something you’ve never really tried before, but you would be willing to learn more if he’ll be patient and let you go at your own pace? You never know, the two of you could have the best sex of your lives tonight… You won’t ever know unless you give it a try. What is it that you are scared of?