About Me

Hi there, and welcome to my blog! I guess I should introduce myself first…

Well, my name is Monique and I am a 20-something year old gal. Actually, my name isn’t Monique, but this blog is likely to get a tad graphic from time to time so I figured I’d try to keep things anonymous. You can call me Monique!

I’m just your average, run of the mill, 20-something gal. I’m married to a wonderful man, and we live in a lovely house, in a lovely neighbourhood, with a couple of nice cars, no a really nice driveway. It’s okay; you can hate me know. I know it sounds like I’m trying to show off, but I promise you I’m not.

My husband is the most loving man I’ve ever come across. He’s perfect for me in absolutely every way… except one. We are not compatible in the bedroom. He’s the perfect man for me, but the perfect man with the smallest penis. Sadly, he doesn’t get me off. He doesn’t know that, of course. With him, I fake it pretty much every time. Not a “Harry Met Sally” fake; just a good enough fake that he thinks he’s done a good enough job that he can squirt his load and call it a night. I love him, but he just doesn’t do it for me. Now do you understand why I chose to be anonymous?

To keep myself sexually satisfied, I had started using toys in the bedroom during the day when my adorable husband was at work. There is only so far that a battery operated device can take you, however, and it wasn’t long before I longed for the kind of orgasm that only a skilled man can bring. The kind of orgasm that rocks your world, leaves you thinking about it for days, and definitely has the toe-curling effect that one would expect from an orgasm of this caliber. That’s what I wanted. That’s what my husband couldn’t provide me. That’s why I went looking elsewhere.

I’m not a bad woman. I’m definitely not a slut. Well, maybe I am a little bit of a slut from time to time, but I’m one of the really good ones that definitely makes sure that everyone knows where they stand, and hopefully prevents anyone from getting too hurt. The young men I sleep with on the side know where they stand – they know I am married and that I’m not looking for anything serious. I’m definitely not looking to marry the guy, or have babies with him. I don’t want babies with my husband right now; why would I want babies with the guys I cheat on him with? And that’s the long and short of it, ladies and gentlemen; I cheat on my husband. The guy that has never done anything wrong to me, showers me with gifts, and gives me a life that once upon a time, I could only ever dream of. How do you tell the man of your dreams that he doesn’t sexually satisfy you? That’s not a conversation I would ever relish having with him.

This is why I keep my sexual adventures quiet. I never do it in my home town, never with guys that live within a ten mile radius, and there are definitely no “real name” terms. I’m looking for adult dating – the sort of no strings attached, hardcore animal sex that you expect to see in films, not in a hotel room half an hour or so from where you live.

One thing I expect from you as you read this blog is to keep an open mind. I decided to write this, not to boast about my sexual practices, but to give some people out there a taste of the truth. Any by some people, I mean the nasty so-called friend that judged me when I was brave enough to indulge her with my little secret. Just as I expected, she didn’t understand. I’m not entirely sure why I told her in the first place to be fair. I also kinda hope she never finds this blog… But here it is. The truth, tips and the low down on adult / affair dating – anyone can use! From a proper cheating wife!